• Fast and easy
  • BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free
  • Clinically tested

Teeth whitening - safe, fast and easy

Whiten your teeth at home safely and easily! Dentaworks teeth whitening use the same method as dentists and our gentle clinically tested teeth whitening gel is safe for both enamel and gums. Dentaworks products are vegan and not tested on animals. Teeth whitening removes discolorations and gives you whiter teeth - Experience the difference today!

Dentaworks Teeth Whitening Strips give you easily and gently white teeth in 7 days.

Complete teeth whitening - everything you need to bleach your teeth at home.


The pen is for those who want to freshen up their smile with an easy-to-use brush.


Our best value package - complete teeth whitening plus a whitening pen.

€79 €99

For those who already have formed dental mouth trays and want more gel. 


Dentaworks dental examination tools allows you to remove plaque and tartar easily at home.


Dentaworks Tongue Cleaner easily removes bacterial plaque, improves bad breath and oral health.


Soft and comfortable mouth tray of the highest quality.


Soft and comfortable mouth tray of the highest quality. 3-pack.

Storage case for mouth trays. A Practical case for safe storage of the mouth trays when they are not used.

White teeth fast and easy

To bleach your teeth at home is easy! Dentaworks strive to offer the best tooth whitening products available for tooth whitening at home with the best possible customer service.